شرکت اتصال صنعه میانه

شركت دانش بنیان اتصال صنعت میانه (ESM) توسط جمعی از کارشناسان فعال در حوزه‌ی فناوری اطلاعات و به منظور توسعه ی هر چه کاراتر راهکارهای ارتباط هوشمند تاسیس گردید.

Subscribe to the Informatics Forum of Iran

Subscribe to the Informatics Forum of Iran

Since April of the year 2016, the ESM Company has become a member of the Telecommunication Industry Union of Iran, and this cooperation has continued so far.

The agency has the privilege of membership in the syndicate in order to assist its members in exporting equipment and engineering services and services, and to negotiate with relevant organizations in order to establish and obtain export facilities.


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