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شركت دانش بنیان اتصال صنعت میانه (ESM) توسط جمعی از کارشناسان فعال در حوزه‌ی فناوری اطلاعات و به منظور توسعه ی هر چه کاراتر راهکارهای ارتباط هوشمند تاسیس گردید.

Obtaining Certificate of Competence in Informatics Companies

Obtaining Certificate of Competence in Informatics Companies

The ESM Association succeeded in obtaining a rating and qualification certificate of informatics companies in 11 fields.

The rating of informatics companies is in fact a quantitative and qualitative classification in the field of information and communication technology in the country. In this rating, the specializations of informatics companies are determined. According to the decisions of the Vice-President of Strategic Planning and Control of the Presidency and the High Council of Informatics of all government executive bodies, banks …. They are required to conclude contracts only with companies with a rating of excellent information informatics.


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